How to poker face

how to poker face

Improving your ability to have a poker face when you need it (and only when you need it) can increase your effectiveness with people. A reader writes: I'd very much appreciate some advice from you and your readers on how to develop a poker face for the workplace. I have had. Poker might be thought of as a training ground for developing the masked face. Boys who play this game learn not to give away their hand with. how to poker face


Poker Face 2: All In It absolutely works and you feel more in control of the conversations. Look for common threads or repeat emotions. About Privacy Policy Terms. It gets more elaborate the more stressed out I am. Something that I think would help is to work to improve your overall self-esteem. Uncontrollable anger has resulted in the downfall of several good men. Please ask me what I feel [think] and try not to assume what I am feeling.


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